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Betty by Bay of Fundy whale watch boat
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Bootlegger Lewis Nolan by statue outside L.L. Bean store at Freeport, Maine


Lewis Nolan by grounded lobster boat in Yarmouth harbor at low tide


Betty Nolan cycles on busy commercial fishing boat dock in Yarmouth harbor


Lewis Nolan cycles around Yarmouth while wearing mandatory helmet


Betty Nolan pauses while biking on Yarmouth dock where fishing boats tie up


Betty Nolan by former sea captain’s Victorian Home in Yarmouth that is now a decorator store. Captain’s family watched for his return from the “widow’s walk” viewing area at top of house.


Betty Nolan by distinctive Yarmouth house that is now a bed-and-breakfast


Lewis Nolan and Betty Nolan wait for hourly car ferry on Digby’s Neck mainland of Nova Scotia to take them across mile-wide Petite Passage. Long Island is across current-tossed water


Betty Nolan on Brier Island dock at low tide, which drops Bay of Fundy shoreline water by 17 feet


Betty Nolan by 52-foot Cetacean Quest whale watch boat tied up at Brier Island dock


Betty Nolan at rail of Cetacean Quest as it motors out in Bay of Fundy


Finback Whale surfaces for a breath of air while feeding on herring in the Bay of Fundy. The mammal is about 50 feet long.

Humpback whale does the fluke wave
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Solitary Humpback Whale does the fluke wave to gain leverage for a deep dive. The whale is named Platform and is about 35 feet long


Lewis Nolan aboard cruise ship ScotiaPrince


Betty Nolan aboard cruise ship ScotiaPrince


Lewis Nolan by little-used deck chairs on a chilly morning in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Lewis aboard ScotiaPrince
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Betty Nolan scopes out the harbor scenery from top deck of ScotiaPrince


Hundreds of seagulls mob fishing boat unloading cargo of fresh herring into containers on a truck


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