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Betty Nolan at Napoleon's tribute to his military victories, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Betty Nolan by rose garden near Eiffel Tower.

Lewis Nolan by Seine River excursion boat

Lewis Nolan on Musee d'Orsay observation deck overlooking Seine River

Betty Nolan with Gendarmes at Luxemburg Gardens, Paris' largest and most beautiful park

Betty Nolan at Luxemburg Palace, where throngs of Paris residents come to sun, play and relax

Lewis & Betty Nolan at bow of M/S Ravel cruising down Soane River south of Chalon-sur-Soane

Betty Nolan on quay with topside deck of M/S Ravel in background. Wheelhouse, canopy and other running equipment are lowered to pass under low bridges.

Betty Nolan on cabin's private porch overlooking passing Soane River scenery. Red and white pole is navigation aide, with colors reversed from the U.S. standard for denoting port and starboard passage.

Betty Nolan outside hat store in Chalon-sur-Soane, where fashion is decidedly more small town (and less expensive) than in Paris.

Lewis & Betty Nolan atop high hill overlooking Rhone River and Lyon, France's No. 2 or No. 3 economically important city. Hilltop is site of two magnificent churches (the older one's ceiling forms the floor of the newer one) and ruins of an ancient Roman arena.

Betty Nolan near public building in Lyon. The square is dotted with fountains.

Betty Nolan in front of building wall in Lyon decorated with Trompe L'Oeil, one of many exterior murals in the region that deceive the eye with an illusion of reality.

Betty Nolan with Smart Car, a tiny vehicle manufactured by Mercedes Benz to ease expensive gas and parking woes.

Lewis Nolan and Otto Jenista, a retired Air Force Colonel of Scottsdale, Ariz., at Roman Temple in Vienne built in 1st Century AD in honor of Emperor Caesar Augustus and his wife Livia.

Lewis & Betty Nolan on rental bikes at Tournon, with medieval church and other structures in background

Betty Nolan stops at overlook adjacent to Tournon's bike lane along scenic Rhone River

Betty Nolan by town wall that protected French Popes in Avignon. Lush flower plantings are typical of France.

Betty Nolan on parapet of Avignon's fortified Papal Palace, overlooking Rhone River and Provence countryside

Adventure traveler and planner Sara Bolz of Madison, Wisc., and Lewis Nolan at Avignon's Papal Palace

Reliquaries in Avignon cathedral hold bones of early Christian Martyrs, other Saints

View from hilltop monastery of medieval village roofs in Viviers, Provence

Betty Nolan in one of the rabbitwarren of narrow, twisting streets that climb steep hill in Viviers

Lewis Nolan by Roman Amphitheater galleries that led to arena, built in 46 BC in Arles to accommodate 26,000 spectators for gladiator fights and other spectacles.

Lewis Nolan by modern stadium seats that have augmented two-millennia-old, limestone, slab seating at Arles' Les Arenes. Bloodsports continue at the well-preserved amphitheatre, with bullfighting a popular attraction.

Betty Nolan by ruins of columns topped by Corinthian capitals in ruins of Roman Theatre built in 15 AD in Arles to seat 10,000. Arles was the Roman capital of Gaul, including Britain and Spain, from 395 to 400 AD, and an important granary and shipbuilding center for the Western Empire.

Betty Nolan inspects ruins of Constantine's Baths in Arles, site of one of his imperial palaces in the 4th Century. The underground pipes that provided hot water are still visible. Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to embrace Christianity.

Lewis Nolan at Arles' St. Trophime Cloister, built in 12th Century to house the canon rectors of adjacent Cathedral.

Bob Paul, a retired bank examiner of the Bronx, N.Y., and Lewis Nolan try their hands at rolling steel balls in the French game of Petanque in park at Arles.

Betty Nolan outside Arles shop that sells tablecloths, other fabrics made in colors of Provence.

Lewis Nolan with Tour Director Katell Le Bourdonnec, a fashion-conscious Parisian who was born in Brittany. They are on walking tour of historic section of Aix-en-Provence.

Betty Nolan at door to ancient church in Aix-en-Provence.

(From Left) Otto Jenista, Barbara & John Collens, Kaye Jenista enjoy lunch at Le Cezzane Cafe at Aix-en-Provence.

Betty Nolan at outdoor market on a square in Aix-en-Provence. The French markets are open several days a week to serve the natives' passion for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Narrow, for-pay beach at Juan-Les-Pins is choked with colorful umbrellas, fashionable (and often topless) sunbathers from throughout Europe..

Lewis Nolan scopes out expensive section of French Riveria on the Cote d'Azur. Admission to the beach is about $15; umbrellas are extra.

Betty Nolan at tiny section of public beach, where the frugal can economize on admission fees, swimsuit tops.

Betty Nolan at Prince Rainer's Palace, overlooking Principality of Monaco from promontory jutting into Mediterranean Sea. Cathedral where Princess Grace is entombed is nearby. Palace and environs are lavishly landscaped, immaculately maintained, and tourist-friendly.

Lewis Nolan by ancient canon that once protected hilltop fort where Monaco's Palace is located.

Huge yachts line basin overlooked by expensive playground of Monaco that rises on hillside.

Betty Nolan in sidewalk cafe in Antibes, called the yachting capital of the world. Bottle contains olive oil flavored with fresh spice cuttings to drip on bread. Lunch included Salad Nicoise and an incredibly light-crusted pizza dusted with cheese and oregano.

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