Praise For 'Nolan-Miller Family History'

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"The 'Nolan-Miller Family History' tells a fascinating story and I've enjoyed reading it very much. It is much more than a family history since it tells how everyday life has developed in America over the last 350 years. Reading this well-written and carefully researched book is like watching American history evolve on a personal level."
- Carol J. Connor, director of a major Midwestern public library.

The 'Nolan-Miller Family History' "will prove to be a valuable resource to anyone researching Kincaid history in West Virginia."
- James E. Kincaid, President of Clan Kincaid.

"Lewis Nolan's family history reads like a novel! He has interwoven true stories of family members, traditional genealogical information, and comments on the quality of the sources he used to create a work that is fun to read whether or not you are a part of this greater family. I highly recommend it for insight into life in the United States!"
- Dr. Donald J. Mabry, Professor of History and Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Mississippi State University. Mabry is the author of 4 books and 70 scholarly articles and is also the creator and webmaster of MSU's renowned Historic Text Archive.

"Lewis Nolan has written an interesting and well-researched family history. In Chapter VI, we meet John Nolan, who joined the Union Army in the closing months of the Civil War. Lewis Nolan takes the dry facts of a military record and pension application and pens them into a flesh-and-blood individual. We also become acquainted with John's admirable wife, Bridget, who was left alone to raise six children on meager resources."
- Joanne Cullom Moore, Past President, West Tennessee Historical Society; Governor, Tennessee Company, Jamestowne Society; Member, Tennessee Historical Commission.

"I have followed my cousin's research and writings on our family's migration to the United States for now over a decade. Lewis Nolan is not only an accomplished writer, but a careful researcher.
"The 'Nolan-Miller Family History' ties together one family's growth with the development of the United States, from the Pilgrim settlement of Massachusetts in the 17th Century, to the westerly migration of the 18th Century, to its embrace with the Irish immigration in the mid-19th Century, and into the rise of the family from its farming roots into the railroading of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and ultimately its entry into the professional and corporate occupations of the middle of the 20th Century. Our family's story is not an uncommon one. But it is one that many American families will find makes them able to gain a better appreciation of their own roots."
- Richard L. Nolan, Ph.D., The MBA Class of 1942 Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University, and author of many books and articles. His most recent book is "Creative Destruction," co-authored with David C. Croson, and his forthcoming book is "Sense and Respond," co-edited with Professor Stephen P. Bradley, to be published by Harvard Business School Press in 1997.

"Very good. This is a well-documented and clearly written genealogy of the Nolan-Miller-Ford-Cottle-Kincaid family history."
- Dreama Blevins Stewart, longtime member of the board of directors, Fayette-Raleigh Genealogy Society and co-author of "Cabins of the Loop," a history of the settlement of the southern half of Fayette County, Virginia, (now West Virginia).

"Lewis Nolan has written much more than a personal history - he has created an American genealogical detective story which will be of great interest and help not only to all who love American personal history, but also to anyone interested in the trials of a family establishing its roots in this at times harsh and deadly land."
- Dr. Richard R. Ranta, Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts,
University of Memphis.

"Congratulations to Lewis Nolan for his countless hours of sleuthing in dusty archives and around muddy graveyards! His compelling family chronicle is 'America's story' as well - his forebears (and ours) captured in an entertaining prose that is required reading for anyone interested in the immigrant's entry into the New World. Give this author an 'A' for authenticity!"
- Linn Weiss, Staff Vice President - Corporate Public Policy, Schering-Plough Corporation. A communications and policy executive, Mr. Weiss has been honored with two Public Relations Society of America Silver Anvil Awards (with associates) and a first-place CIPRA Award from "Inside PR."

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