Nolan-Miller Family History

Includes Genealogy for Cottle, Ford, Kincaid, Stephenson, Other Families.

Welcome to my home page. My name is Lewis E. Nolan and I live in Memphis, Tenn. This home page summarizes the findings of my 10 years of research into the lives of the major figures in my 680-page book, "Nolan-Miller Family History." It also provides source information for those doing their own genealogical research into these and other families.

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OCEAN VIEW: Betty Nolan at breezy overlook on Southwest Ireland's Dingle Pennisula
In background are Great Blasket Island Center, village of Dunquin on Slea Head Drive

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New Information About The Book And The Family

The Home Page:

This home page was updated Dec. 4, 2007, to note the postings on a sister website of travelogues by author Lewis Nolan dealing with his and wife Betty's trips to Ireland and to England. Travel accounts of their big trips to Europe, Hawaii and the West Coast over the last decade contain photos and commentary and may be accessed through the main Nolan Travels website at /nolantravels.

In addition, Lewis Nolan maintains photo albums of trips he and his immediate family (principally his son, Casey Nolan, and Casey's wife, Caroline Cardon Nolan) have taken at, plus a trip down memory lane that recalls his work coaching an AAU age group swimming team in Sacramento in the 1960s at update3030/sutterlawnswimmer.html. He also maintains a website related to alumni activities of his former employer, Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, at

The Book:

The latest library to acquire a copy of "Nolan-Miller Family History" is the Baker Library at Harvard University. Other libraries that have acquired the book, through purchase or donation by interested patrons, include:

* Baker Library at Harvard University, Boston, Mass.
* Brimfield, Mass., Public Library.
* Connecticut Valley Historical Museum and Library in Springfield, Mass.
* Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, D.C.
* Free Public Library in Paterson, N.J.
* Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
* Mid-York Library System in Utica, N.Y.
* New York Public Library on 40th Street in Manhattan.
* Sugar Grove Public Library in Sugar Grove, Penn.
* Warren County Historical Society in Warren, Penn.
* Warren Public Library in Warren, Penn.

* Fayetteville Public Library in Fayetteville, W. Va.
* Memphis and Shelby County Public Library in Memphis, Tenn.
* Mississippi University for Women Library in Columbus, Miss.
* Mississippi State University Library in Starkville, Miss.
* National Genealogical Society Library in Arlington, Va.
* National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tenn.
* Oklahoma Historical Society Library in Oklahoma City.
* Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, Tenn.

* Cass Lake Museum in Cass Lake, Minn.
* Mid-Continent Public Library in Independence, Mo.
* Monroe County Local History and Reading Room, Sparta, Wisc.
* State Historical Society Library in Madison, Wisc.
* Tomah Public Library in Tomah, Wisc.

* Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah.
* Mendocino County Museum in Willits, Calif.

Several libraries have specifically requested donated copies of the book so they may add it to their local history and genealogy collections. If you would like to help them obtain one, please contact Highland Press to arrange purchase and direct shipment at a special price and arrangement that may be tax deductible for you.

* Houston (Texas) Public Library.

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The Family:

Two grandchildren of Lewis Elmer Nolan and Bertha Orpha Miller Nolan met in Cass Lake, Minn., June 26-28, 2000, to mark the 100th Wedding Anniversary of the late couple. Accompanied by their wives, James Lewis Connor, M.D. of Lincoln, Neb., and Lewis Earle "Buzz" Nolan Jr. of Memphis, Tenn., visited locations in and around Cass Lake that were central to the lives of L.E. and Bertha, who moved there in 1914 with their children. Lewis' account of the visit as well as photos are posted at Nolan Travels (URL above).

Evelyn Joy Miller Marshall Dean of Lake Placid, Fla., a descendant of Vaniah Miller, has self-published a book, "Three Mothers and Forefathers." The 264-page, ring-bound book contains many family photos and biographical sketches. Joy described her work as not so much a genealogy book but "the story of a simple, naive farm girl growing up in the Midwest. This is a love story that extends over a period of 50 years. This is a story about a woman searching for her birth mother. This is a story about mistakes, forgiveness and God's healing." For more information, contact Joy (e-mail:

Sisters Margaret Nolan Green and Patricia Nolan, both of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, have updated their own "Nolan Family History," a booklet first compiled in 1982 about their branch of the family. Both women are great-grandchildren of Andrew Nolan (1819-1895), an Irish immigrant who farmed with his brother, John Nolan, in Monroe County, Wisc. Their grandfather, Matthew James Nolan, was born in Hartford, Conn., in 1857 and later moved to Calgary, where he died in 1912. The softcover booklet is nearly 100 pages long and contains much biographical information and charts about members of that family. For more information, contact Patricia (e-mail:

Information about the Miller, Nolan and related families to be posted on this site, including additions and amplifications to the book as well as births, deaths, marriages and other changes in status should be e-mailed to the author at Any comments about this homepage are welcome.

About The Book

This link is to a page that describes the book and provides ordering information.

About The Author

This link is to a page that contains biographical information about the book's author, Lewis E. Nolan, and includes photos of him and his immediate family. There are additional subpages on this website that deal with family trips by Lewis and wife Betty. One big trip was a 4,100-mile driving loop from Memphis to California and back in the summer of 2002. Click /nolantravels/travels1.html to see the first of eight parts of the travelogue. Click 1IRE02.HTML to see the travel journal and photos from their March, 2002 trip to Ireland's wild and rugged Dingle Peninsula. Click FRANCE1.HTML to see the travel journal and photos from their 2001 trip to Paris, river cruise through Provence and the Riviera. Click WEST1.HTML to see his travel journal about a month-long, driving trip in 1999 to visit attractions and landmarks in the Southwest, with side excursions to Palm Springs, Calif., and Honolulu. Click HAWAII.HTML to see his travel journal about a week-long trip to Maui in 1998. All subpages include photos and tourism information. These and other trips are also indexed on Lewis' sister website at /nolantravels

Critical Reviews

This link is to a page that provides highlights of critical commentary on the book made by distinguished genealogists, professional writers and university deans and professors.

John and Andrew Nolan

This is a link to a page highlighting the lives of John and Andrew Nolan, brothers who emigrated to America from Ireland in 1843. They settled in southwest Wisconsin, where they had small farms, large families and enlisted in the Wisconsin Volunteers during the War Between the States.

Obadiah and Thomas Miller

This is a link to a page highlighting the lives of Obadiah and Thomas Miller, brothers who came to America from England in the 1600s and who were among the Pilgrim founders of Springfield, Mass. They had very large families and many Americans trace their ancestry to them.

Other Early Millers

This is a link to a page highlighting the author's direct line of Millers who trace their ancestory to Obadiah Miller, including Lazarus (1655-1697), Nathaniel (1693-1743), Ebenezer (1729-1805) and Evi (1767-1841). Included on this page is a link to an Internet home page that includes an extensive data base on the Miller and related families developed by Jackie Ryan.

Wisconsin Millers

This is a link to a page highlighting additional Millers in the author's direct line, including Lester (1809-1876), who moved his family from Oneida County, N.Y., to Vernon County, Wisc., in 1855, and Haschall (1840-1914), a horse-and-buggy doctor who practiced medicine in Ontario and Norwalk, Wisc.

L.E. and Bertha Miller Nolan

This is a link to a page highlighting the lives of the author's grandparents, Lewis Elmer Nolan (1870-1939) and his wife, Bertha Orpha Miller Nolan (1881-1959), who grew up in Monroe County, Wisc., and later moved to Cass Lake, Minn., where he managed a Soo Line depot and she became a school teacher. Also covered are two of their children, Donald Edwin Nolan, M.D., a distinguished Veterans Administration Hospital administrator who spent most of his life in Seattle; and Harriet Mary Nolan, a Minnesota school teacher who married James Ferguson Connor. An account of a visit to Cass Lake in June, 2000, by two grandsons of L.E. and Bertha (Lewis Earle Nolan of Memphis and James Lewis Connor, M.D., of Lincoln, Neb., both accompanied by their wives) is at /nolantravels/00minn1.html.

Garnett Elizabeth (Kincaid-Cottle) Ford

This is a link to a page highlighting the life of Garnett Elizabeth Ford (1911-1985) and the families of her father, Jackson Barger Ford, her mother, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cottle Ford, and her grandmother, Mary Margaret Kincaid Ford. Garnett grew up in Fayette County, W. Va., where large numbers of Cottles, Fords and Kincaids have lived for generations. She was the third wife of Lewis Earle Nolan, M.D., a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the mother of Lewis Earle Nolan Jr., the author of "Nolan-Miller Family History."

Lewis Earle Nolan, M.D.

This is a link to a page highlighting the life of Lewis Earle Nolan, M.D. (1901-1970), who grew up in Cass Lake, Minn., married five times, had nine children and enjoyed a long and distinguished career in pathology and internal medicine.

Family Photo Albums

This is a link to a page containing a series of photos of the Nolan, Miller and related families, with emphasis on photos from the early 20th Century and before.

Family Christmas Letters

This is a link to a page containing a series of Christmas Letters written by Lewis and Betty Nolan from 2003 through the current year excepting 2006, a year when illness prevented the annual mailing of family news.

Cruise on Danube River

This is a link to a 12-part series of travelogues written by Lewis Nolan about his and Betty's two-week cruise on the Danube River through parts of Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia in November, 2007 with stops at Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg and Nuremburg, where the World War II Nazi trials were held.

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