Garnett E. (Kincaid-Cottle) Ford

Descendant Of Old Virginia, West Virginia Settler Families
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Garnett Elizabeth Ford and the Fords of Western Virginia

Garnett Elizabeth Ford was born March 23, 1911, in Wriston, Fayette County, West Virginia. She married Lewis Earle Nolan, M.D., Nov. 14, 1942, in Port Arthur, Texas, near where he was stationed during World War II. They had met while she was in nursing school at Montgomery, W. Va., where he practiced medicine before the war. His life is covered on another page.

Lewis and Garnett lived in Apache, Okla.; Monroe, La.; Columbia, S.C.; Fairmont, W. Va., and Sacramento, Calif. They divorced Feb. 26, 1954. While he relocated several times, Garnett remained in Sacramento, where she died August 6, 1985. She is buried in East Lawn Cemetery. She and Lewis had three sons:

* Lewis Earle Nolan Jr. (the author of "Nolan-Miller Family History"). He is covered on another page, About the Author.

* Patrick Thomas Nolan, born October 23, 1947, in Columbia, S. C. He moved with the family two years later to Sacramento, where he was educated at David Lubin Elementary, Kit Carson Junior High and Sacramento Senior High schools. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor's degree in political science and later obtained his law degree from McGeorge College of Law in Sacramento. He lives in Sacramento, where he works for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District as an inspector.

* William Ray Nolan, born Dec. 23, 1949, in Sacramento. He attended the same public schools in Sacramento as his brothers and later graduated from Sacramento State College with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts. After working as a retail clothing buyer and department manager for Macy's, he returned to college and obtained a second bachelor's degree, in mechanical engineering, from the University of California at Davis. He works as an engineer for California's Department of Water Resources. He married Anna Maria Myles April 2, 1977, in Sacramento and they had a daughter, Katherine Marie Nolan, born Dec. 1, 1987, in Sacramento. Anna died Aug. 20, 1997, and was buried in East Lawn Cemetery.

Garnett's parents were Jackson Barger Ford and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cottle Ford, who owned a small farm on a rugged hillside along White Oak Creek near Oak Hill, W. Va.

Lizzie, whose family is covered elsewhere on this page, died of tuberculosis March 12, 1915, leaving Garnett motherless when she was not quite four years old. Garnett's early years were difficult as she was passed around among her extended family in the rugged hills and hollers. Her father, known as Barger (pronounced Bar-gur) was a heavy drinker who taught school and cut timber. He and Lizzie married May 17, 1901, and they had four children:

* Cecil R. Ford, born Jan. 17, 1906. He lived in Beckley, W. Va., where he sold insurance and worked as a bookkeeper. He died Dec. 19, 1988, in Beckley and is buried in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens in Prosperity, W. Va. He left his wife, Eleanor Monaghan, who had a daughter by a previous marriage, Mary.

* Luther Paris Ford, born in 1908 and died at a hospital in Oak Hill in September, 1946, following a fight. He worked as an electrician in Detroit. His wife was Vivian Ford. He is buried in the family cemetery on the hillside once owned by the Fords by White Oak Creek.

* Garnett Elizabeth Ford, born March 23, 1911, in Wriston, Fayette County.

* Virgil Ford, who died an infant and was buried in the family cemetery with his parents, grandparents Thomas F. Ford and Mary Margaret Kincaid Ford, and his uncle.

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John Ford Of Culpeper, Virginia

The Fords were among the first settlers of what is now Fayette County, W. Va. They are beleived to be descended from John Ford of Culpeper, Va., who was born June 17, 1755, in Stafford County. His first wife's name was Myrtle. His second wife was Rosanna Newman Ford. He was likely a prosperous planter since at his death in April, 1825, he owned several hundred acres of land and had at one point purchased 1,345 acres in Madison County.

John Ford served in the Sixth Virginia Regiment during the American Revolution and a number of his descendants have become members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. His children were:

* By Myrtle, Benjamin, born Jan. 30, 1782. He married Elizabeth Leawell in 1803.
* By Myrtle, Sarah, born March 10, 1784. She married John Tucker May 26, 1803.
* By Rosanna, Lucy, born June 30, 1787. She married Nathaniel Tatum.
* By Rosanna, James, born Sept. 5, 1790.
* By Rosanna, John Jackson, born May 29, 1792. He married Maria Ford June 19, 1821.
* By Rosanna, Nancy, born Sept. 16, 1794. She married Benjamin Ford.
* By Rosanna, William Pannell, whose date of birth has not been found. He married Gillie Marshall in December, 1823. He and Benjamin Ford left Culpeper and moved to what was then western Virginia in 1830. William Pannell Ford's children have been identified as Alison, Jim, William (Jr.), John H. (who married Mary Cook Ford), Betsy Ford Bragg, Mandy Ford Clark, Harriet Ford Smith and Peggie Ford Martin. I believe this John Ford was the link between the Fords of Culpeper and the Fords of Fayette County. But I have seen no evidence confirming it.

John Ford, Pioneer of Fayette County, West Virginia

But there is ample proof that a John Ford was an early pioneer of Fayette County, settling there about 1860. He had a farm on a plateau atop Ford Mountain; the place name survives into today's maps. A stream that flows down it is called Ford Branch. He and his wife, believed to be the above Mary Cook Ford, had four sons:

* John A. Ford, who was born at Montgomery, W. Va.

* Edward Ford, who was born at Deepwater, W. Va.

* Charles Letterman Ford, who was born Jan. 22, 1850, at Wriston. He married Mary Araminta Settle, who died shortly giving birth to William Henry Ford Oct. 15, 1871. He then married Rachel M., and they had two sons, Jackson A. Ford and Robert L. Ford. Charles died May 25, 1941. William Henry Ford was well known in Beckley, where he worked as a justice of the peace and lumber company superintendent; he married Estella Lemon Ford and they had four children, Elizabeth Gazelle, Durwood Edward, Gladys Mae and William Henry Jr., who had a large family. William Henry Jr., who was born May 30, 1916, married Dolores Mae Smith and they had three sons, William Henry "Corky" III, born April 4 in Pensacola, Fla.; Larry Nelson Ford, born May 25, 1948 in Pensacola; and Barry Eugene Ford, Larry's twin. Barry compiled a history of the Ford family in Fayette County.

* Thomas Franklin Ford, who was born in Wriston about 1850. He was a farmer and part-time photographer who married Mary Margaret Kincaid April 14, 1870. She was a member of a locally distinguished family, whose name was given to what was once a thriving coal mining town. She was born in Kincaid, W. Va., in 1844. The Kincaid family is covered elsewhere on this page.

Thomas Franklin Ford and Mary Margaret Kincaid Ford had two children, Jackson Barger Ford, born June 7, 1871, born in Fayette County, and Paris Duffy Ford, born in 1879, also in Fayette County. Barger Ford is covered at the beginning of this page. Duffy Ford lived on a farm at Oak Hill in Fayette County, taught school, ran a coal company store at Lick Ford and later managed the meat department at the general store in Oak Hill. He married Nora Cox and they had seven children:

* Ralph Duffy Ford, born April 1, 1914, in Oak Hill. He married Margaret Hartsock, worked as a steam engineer in Marietta, Ohio, and had three children, Ralph D. Jr., Thomas and Brian.

* Evelyn Margaret Ford, born Aug. 30, 1915. She married Michael J. Pronko, M.D., and lived in Dalhart, Tex.

* Juanita Virginia Ford, born Nov. 27, 1916. She married Ray K. Kendall and lived in Dallas and Houston before she died Dec. 3, 1977.

* Harold Thomas Ford, born July 10, 1918. He was an Army Air Corps pilot who owned a supermarket in Rand, W. Va. He married Mary Alice Holbrook and they had three sons, Harry Lee, Danny and Richard. He died Jan. 25, 1986.

* Frances Ann Ford, born Dec. 19, 1920. She married Earl Bannister and they had a son, Barry.

* Howard Leon Ford, born May 12, 1922, in Oak Hill. He married Lena Elizabeth Wire and taught school, sold cars and insurance and served as chief office deputy for the Layette County sheriff and also as county tax commissioner.

* Jimmy Cox Ford, born Jan. 29, 1924. He was a chef and club manager and married Jean Morton. They had four children, Debbie, Jimmie Jr., Eddie and Melissa. He died Nov. 29, 1987.

* Beatrice Poston, who was adopted about 1932.

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The Kincaids of West Virginia

Jackson Barger Ford's wife, Mary Margaret Kincaid, was a member of a family whose roots are deeply entwined with West Virginia. The name Kincaid came from a 30,000-acre area in Scotland called the Lands of Kyncade. Several Kincaids emigrated from Scotland and also from Ireland. One of Alexander Kincaid's four sons who left Sterlingshire, Scotland for Pennsylvania was Samuel Kincaid, who ultimately settled in Virginia.

Samuel Kincaid, who was born about 1730 in Sterlingshire and died in Augusta County, Va., had a son named John. This John Kincaid lived for a time in Albermarle County, Va., and also had a son named John, who was born March 10, 1760 in Amherst County, Va.

John Kincaid Jr. was a Patriot of the American Revolution. A number of his descendants became members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, including Garnett Elizabeth Ford Nolan. Kincaid was drafted in February, 1781 under Capt. John Henderson, Lt. John Woods and Maj. Andrew Hamilton and served at Peterstown, Va., guarding captured Indians and Tories. He was drafted a second time and fought under Capt. Archebald Wood and was later awarded a pension for his service. He died at Gauley Bridge, Va., in 1829.

The pension record said he lived in Greenbrier, Kanawha and Fayette County of what was then Virginia and married Elizabeth Galespie (also spelled Gillespie) Feb. 11, 1782-83, and they had about 15 children. The names of their children, as identified in different DAR records which possibly could represent the same person more than once due to nicknames and marriages into the family, were:

* William Kincaid, who married Mary Ann Tincker.
* Matthew Kincaid, who married Polly Murdock.
* James Galespie Kincaid, who was born in 1792 and who married Mary Magdalene Tritt.
* Elizabeth "Betsy" Kincaid, who was born in December, 1793 and twice married, to Samuel Linegar and a man named Sturgeon.
* Polly Kincaid, who married Samuel Kincaid.
* Nancy Kincaid, who married Thomas Hughes.
* Margaret "Peggy" Kincaid, who married James Ingram.
* Sarah Kincaid, who possibly married Lewis Newson.
* John Kincaid, whose wife's name was possibly Elizabeth Cavenash.
* Virginia Kincaid, who married her cousin William Kincaid.
* Lanty Kincaid, born March 7, 1804.
* William Kincaid, who married Mary Lincher.
* Sallie Kincaid, who married Thoms Terry.
* Hanny Kincaid, who married A. Watts.

The story of the above James Galespie Kincaid and his wife, Mary Magdalene Tritt, has been told in several histories about western Virginia and the Kincaid family. They moved into the western part of Virginia in 1807, lived for five years in Greenbrier County near the present Monroe County line and then in 1812, moved to Gauley Junction, near the mouth of Cane Branch. There was a gigantic sycamore tree that had a decayed-out hollow in it said to be more than 11 feet in diameter. They moved into the tree and later cut holes into it to form a door and a window and installed poles to form a bed. Later, they built a log room onto their hollow tree home.

In about 1840, James Kincaid bought a large tract of land on lower Loup Creek, at what is now Page, W. Va., and built a log cabin, where he lived for the rest of his life. He and Mary had seven children:

* John Kincaid, who became a Methodist minister and farmer and settled about a mile from his father's land on Loup Creek.
* Preston Kincaid, who became a farmer and lumberman who also settled nearby.
* Pleasant Kincaid, who ran a water-driven grist and saw mill.
* Ruth Kincaid, who married Richard Woodrum. Their daughter, Caroline, married Miles Johnson, and their son, W. S. Johnson, became a state Treasurer of West Virginia.
* Miriam Kincaid, who married James Steele Jr. they had three children, Martha, Columbus and James, and after his death she remarried, to William Kelley.
* Cynthia Kincaid, who never married.
* James Galespie Kincaid Jr., who was born March 12, 1819, in the hollowed out sycamore tree in near Gauley Bridge. He married Mary Margaret "Peggy" Brogan Oct. 22, 1840. She was born in Monroe County in 1814 and died June 30, 1890 in Kincaid, W. Va.

James Galespie Kincaid Jr. became a farmer, merchant and public servant. He was the first postmaster of Kincaid, W. Va., served as a justice of the peace for 16 years, was a squire on the county court for 16 years and represented Fayette County in the state legislature. He and Peggy had seven children:

* Kellis Kincaid, who married Lucureta Johnson.
* Eunice Kincaid, who married Jack Harper.
* Perry Kincaid, who married Martha C. Kincaid.
* James H. Kincaid, who married Lucina Caterberry.
* Jane Kincaid, who married Henry H. Harper.
* Hance Kincaid, who married Margaret Settle.
* Mary Margaret Kincaid, who was born in 1844 in Kincaid and who married Thomas Franklin Ford April 14, 1870. She died March 29, 1938, in Wriston, W. Va. and is buried alongside her husband in a small family cemetery on a rugged hillside where they lived. Also buried there are their son, Jackson Barger Ford, his wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cottle, and two children, Virgil Ford and Paris Ford.

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Confederate Veteran Giles Cottle and Family

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cottle, the mother of Garnett Elizabeth Ford Nolan, was one of 16 children born to Giles Marion Cottle and his wife, Isabelle Taylor.

Giles Marion Cottle was born Aug. 27, 1844, in Monroe County, Va. (now West Virginia). He died July 29, 1919, and was buried near his farm in Cassady Branch Cemetery in Dempsey, W. Va. His father was George Washington Cottle, who was born in Virginia and was one of three Cottles to carry the name of the first President of the United States of America. Some genealogy researchers have tried to connect him to the Cottles who came to America in 1638 and who were among the early settlers of the whaling center of Nantucket off the Massachusetts coast. However, the link between the New England and West Virginia Cottles has not been established. Giles' mother was Ann Mariah Lowe.

Giles Cottle was a farmer who served as a Confederate Army private in Co. F, "Red Sulfur Yankee Hunters," later called the Dixie Rifles, 26th Battalion, 59th Regiment of the Virginia Infantry Volunteers, also called Edgar's Battalion.

In 1865, probably following the close of the War Between the States, Giles married Isabelle Taylor, daughter of Mose Taylor and Elizabeth Vass Taylor. She was born Feb. 2, 1846. She died May 31, 1918 and was buried in Cassady Branch Cemetery.

Giles and Isabelle moved several times and had small farms in Putnam, Raleigh and Fayette County, where they settled in 1890. He farmed 50 acres on a hillside. He sold his farm produce to local coal mines and also peddled produce out of a covered wagon around Dempsey with the help of his children. Four of his and Isabelle's 16 children died at birth, but 12 lived to marry and most had large families, who in turn generally had large families also. The children were:

* James Washington Cottle, born July 27, 1867, and died Nov. 10, 1947. He married Minnie J. Maynor and they had nine children: Effie Cottle Spearin, Anna Mary Tamplin, John William Cottle, Charles Roy Cottle, Lacy Cornelius Cottle, Ezril Guy Cottle, Rosa Viola Cottle Goodman, Emerson Lee Cottle and Robert Marcellus Cottle. Marcellus married Velva McCormick (they celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in 1989) and they had three children, Margo Ann Cottle Matherly, Robert Lee Cottle and Peggy Jane Cottle McCowan.

* Isaac Edward Cottle, born August 23, 1868 and died Aug. 28, 1946. He married Ada France and they had three children, Addie Cottle Jones, Lyle F. Cottle and Elsie May Cottle Kline.

* Amanda Cottle Sweeney, born June 9, 1870, and died March 21, 1939. Her husband was Joseph Sweeney and they had 10 children, including two who died at birth. Those who lived were: Carrie Pearl Sweeney Edmond, Charlie Sweeney, Jim Sweeney, Clary Susan Sweeney Griffith, Henry Sweeney, Philip Sweeney, Robert Sweeney and Marion Sweeney.

* John W. Cottle, born Feb. 16, 1872, and died Feb. 24, 1958. He married Edna Kay Harbour and they had a daughter, Martha Louise Cottle Saunders.

* Mary Ann Cottle Feazell, born March 4, 1874, and died Nov. 20, 1945. She married James Everette Feazell and they had four children, Elmer Herbert Feazell, Lulu Peark Feazell, John Wayman Feazell and Ray Everette Feazell.

* Lydia Viola Cottle Cassady, born Feb. 1, 1876, and died March 10, 1961. She married Kenny Cassidy and they had three children, Claudie M. Cassady, Edna Cassady and Elsie Burns Elder.

* Walter Ray Cottle, born Feb. 25, 1878, and died June 29, 1966. He married Elizabeth Tamplin and they had six children: William Marine "Billy" Cottle, Clarence Cottle, Pearl Jane Cottle, Aaron Stockton Cottle, Tamplin Mose Cottle and Ray Cottle.

* Charlie M. Cottle, born Aug. 8, 1880, and died July 1, 1965. He married Stella Chapman and they had a son, Oscar.

* Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cottle Ford, born June 5, 1882, and died March 12, 1915. Her marriage to Jackson Barger Ford and their children are covered elsewhere on this page.

* Joseph Maurice Cottle, born March 28, 1886, and died Jan. 16, 1966. He married Blanche Fisher and they had ten children: Kathleen Cottle Zorio, Eugene, LaVern, Norman, Frances, Anna Louise, Betty, William Joseph, James Marion and Donald Lee. Adoped was Maurice Harvey, son of LaVern. and Billy Joe.

* Harvey M. Cottle, born Feb. 25, 1888. He married Maggie Harshbarger and they had a daughter, Vivian.

* Rosa Janette Cottle Smith, born April 27, 1890, and died Dec. 13, 1925. She married John Monroe Smith and they had eight children: Leonard Monroe Smith, Albert Odel Smith, Paul Jackson Smith, Gladys Sue Smith Eagle, Virginia Lee Smith Campbell, John Monroe Smith Jr. and Imogene Pearl Smith Higginbothan.

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The Cottle family has enjoyed family reunions annually since 1927, attracting 100 or more for an afternoon of country picnic cooking, bluegrass music and sharing of family information. In recent years, they have been held on the Sunday afternoon before Labor Day in Fayette County Park near Fayetteville. One of the organizers is Phyllis Brooks Gagich, Route 2, Box 111, Fayetteville, WVA, 25840.

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