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Updated Feb. 24, 2001

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The product of more than a decade of research by an accomplished writer, the "Nolan-Miller Family History" brings the American experience to life through the eyes of 12 generations of people who lived it

Starting with the Pilgrim settlement of Springfield, Mass., in the early 1600s, members of this family have participated in nearly every major social dynamic and societal development since the colonization of America. They marched during the War of Independence and the Civil War (both with Confederate and Federal forces); farmed the rocky soil of New England, the rich earth of Virginia and later the frontier lands of New York, Southwest Wisconsin and the Great Plains. They joined the westward migration, built and worked on the railroads; educated their children and worked their way into the middle class.

By and large, the Nolans and Millers and those they married are a sturdy, salt-of-the-earth bunch, with precious few offspring racking up either spectacular successes or infamous deeds. But, as author Lewis Earle Nolan Jr., has found, some of these solid citizens had rip-snorting adventures. Many lived through circumstances surrounded by compelling human joys and tragedies.

As extensive as it is, the history of the Nolans and Millers is just the beginning. Through nearly four centuries of marriages and movements, the history of these two families entwined with the histories of the Cottle, Ford, Kincaid and many other families. Extensive genealogical and historical information is given about these families in the book.

Significant information is also given about many members of the Ballard, Birdsall, Bishop, Catlin, Cogan, Connor, Cottrell, Dalrymple, Drooger, Haas, Hinman, Hoffman, Johnson, McGary, McLaurin, Napjus, Perkins, Phelps, Putnam, Smith, Stebbins, Stephenson, Stokes, Trapp, and many more allied families.

Simple geometric progression shows that every person has two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, and so on. Ten generations produces 1,024 direct ancestors. With 12 generations of his family to work with, author Lewis Earle Nolan Jr., has found some fascinating characters among his ancestors.

Description of the Book

* 680 Pages
* Every Name Index
* 6,186 Index Entries
* 8 Pages of Photos
* Hardcover
|* 6 by 9 inches
* Acid-free paper
* ISBN No. 0-89308-701-7
* Library of Congress No. 97-073-438
* Published By:
Highland Press
196 North Highland
Memphis, TN 38111-4726
* Distributed By:
Southern Historical Press, Inc.
P. O. Box 1267
Greenville, S.C. 29602-1267

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