VI: Kauai & California, 1993

Trip in the Sun with Betty and Casey


June 12-22, 1993


I. Flights from Memphis to Lihue , Hawaii

IV. Sacramento Visits With Nolan Family

II. Snorkeling at Kauai ’s Lydgate & Hanalei

V. Napa Valley Wineries

III. Poipeu Beach and Kiele Lagoons Golf

VI. Flight To Memphis


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By Lewis Nolan


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Closing Thoughts on Napa Trip, Return Flight Home


Tuesday, June 22, 1993 – Drive to San Francisco, Airplane Back to Memphis (Betty’s account)


Day 11: We got up at 7:30 a.m. to prepare to leave by 9 a.m. for the drive from Napa to San Francisco. We were told by the lodge owners and someone at the restaurant to allow 2 hours for the drive. We arrived early, but one never knows how you might get caught in late commuter traffic or a pile-up of some sort.


The drive was one where you must be alert. No one gives you much warning as to their slowing down or darting in front of you to pass. The scenery and bay view was nice.


Again, I might say Northern California is nice. But I wouldn’t want to live there. The water shortage of seven years is a problem. I’m not sure I’d enjoy the brown (or golden as Buzz calls them) foothills or periodic water rationing. It is a nice place to visit. But my roots are more attuned to green than desert brown. I don’t like rain all that much, but it does prevent having to water all the plants that I have to do at home from time to time.


We arrived at the airport by 10:30 a.m. Casey and I checked the bags while Buzz took the rental car back. I think he had to drive around in loops to get it to the right place.


Now we are on the airplane and on our way home to Memphis. The view of the Grand Canyon was quite a sight, with the Colorado River making its way through it. We just passed the Continental Divide in the Rockies. After a very poor lunch for Casey and me, we are winging our way over Colorado and home.


The trip has been enjoyable, but I always look forward to home and familiar surroundings.


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