Kauai & California, 1993

Trip in the Sun with Betty and Casey


June 12-22, 1993


I. Flights from Memphis to Lihue , Hawaii

IV. Sacramento Visits With Nolan Family

II. Snorkeling at Kauai ’s Lydgate & Hanalei

V. Napa Valley Wineries

III. Poipeu Beach and Kiele Lagoons Golf

VI. Flight To Memphis


Album of 19 trip photos at http://flickr.com/photos/lewis_nolan/ (Scroll down to see small pictures with limited caption information or double click “Slideshow” at top right to see larger pictures with full caption info once captions are activated on screen instructions.)


(This posting updated July 23, 2008)

By Lewis Nolan


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Sunday, June 20, 1993 – San Francisco (Betty’s account)


Day 9: We awakened to bright, sunny skies and cool air. We checked out of the motel near the airport and put the convertible top down to drive to San Francisco. As soon as we got near the Bay, the fog and cloud-covered skies were the beginning of chilly weather. It was downright cold. I was wearing shorts, short sleeve top and sandals. This was the only time of the trip that I wore my sweater over my other clothes.


We looked around Fisherman’s Wharf and bought two freshly boiled, Dungeness Crabs and sourdough bread to have later. We didn’t spend too much time at the wharf since it was so cold.


We left San Francisco for Sacramento and a visit to see the Nolan family. Once we got on the eastern side of the Bay, the sun burned through the clouds and it was warm. We stopped at The Nut Tree and put the top down. Buzz bought all-day suckers for his brothers, niece and sister-in-law in remembrance of the Nolan family trips and stops at locally famed restaurant and souvenir store when his Dad would buy them snacks there in the 1950s. He also bought some wine to take to his brother, Bill, to serve at dinner. I enjoyed seeing many antique Model A cars parked at The Nut Tree. There must have been a car show somewhere that weekend.


We arrived in Sacramento and checked into our hotel in a part of Sacramento similar to the Midtown section near Downtown in Memphis. The hotel was originally called the Mansion Hotel or Inn since it is across the street from the old California governor’s mansion. Supposedly no governor has lived there since Jerry Brown’s father (Pat Brown) lived there as governor. The Reagans (Governor Ronald and family) only lived there for two months. It imagine it was not good enough for his wife, Nancy Reagan.


We went to visit Buzz’s family about mid-afternoon. The visit was after Buzz went to visit the gravesites of his friend Pete and his mother at East Lawn Cemetery, which is only two streets behind where Buzz grew up and his mother’s house still stands.  When we arrived at Bill Nolan’s home, brother Pat Nolan was already there. Bill, Pat, Bill’s wife, Anna, and daughter, Katie, came out to greet us. We were quite a surprise and, I’m sure, in a convertible.


We gave Katie a gift bag and she went for a ride with me around the block. I think it was a treat for her and it was also for me since I got to drive.


After taking some pictures outside, we all went inside and gave out gifts from Hawaii to the adults. Pat put on the bright red, Hawaiian shirt we gave him. A not-so-conservative red necktie was Bill’s gift. A beautiful, blue pareau, or wrap, was our present for Anna.


Anna had prepared a lot of food and the house was very welcoming. Bill was an excellent host and Katie got over her shyness very soon. She took me to her room and showed me all her Barbie dolls and clothes. She cornered Buzz later and had him read her a long Dr. Seuss story. I’m not sure he knew what he was getting into since Casey hasn’t been read to in a long time! Katie was a delight and performed her ballet dance with her hula skirt over her mau-mau we also gave her.


Later, after Pat left, Katie took us outside where she did her grass dance with her little Sony tape player with a tune about “The Goose Got Loose.” She was truly the center of attention.


We had a very nice evening visiting the Sacramento branch of Buzz’s family. We had never met little Katie until today. Now she can associate our faces with all the gifts we send her. Katie wanted to sit – and insisted on it – next to her newly met cousin Casey at dinner. I’m not sure what she thought of him, but seemed to like him. Casey gave Katie a string of purple shell beads we had gotten in Hawaii. She wore them the whole time we were there visiting.


Katie will be in the first grade next year. She just finished kindergarten last week. She’ll be with some of her friends in a summer program at her neighborhood school. She is a cute, little blonde. Casey did mention that if her hair stays that way that she’d turn a few heads in about 10 years.


We left Bill and Anna’s home before 10 p.m. and returned to our hotel. Buzz called his old friend Bob Reid and left a message about our visit to Sacramento on Bob’s answering machine.


Monday, June 21, 1993 – Drive around Sacramento and visit to Cemetery (Betty’s account)


Day 10: We were awakened at the hotel by the sound of the telephone in our room at 8 a.m. It was Bob Reid. Buzz asked him to come by the hotel lobby and meet us about 10:30 a.m.


Bob joined us for a drive around Buzz’s old neighborhood at 41st and Folsum Blvd. He took us to his mother’s grave at East Lawn Cemetery. Buzz’s mother’s home had been sold long ago, probably to an Oriental family. Two small children peered out the window and waved at us. We drove by several times.


The old Nolan house – which had slid into disrepair following the divorce of Buzz’s parents - has been really fixed up. It has a new shake roof, central air, new windows, fresh paint, a renovated garage and porch in the rear that has been turned into a deck with an arbor-type roof and a circular, concrete sidewalk to the front door. It looked really nice.


Buzz gave us a grand tour and the low-down on the old neighborhood and hangouts when he was growing up.


We met Bob Reid at 10:30 a.m. Casey enjoyed hearing Bob recalling his Dad’s antics and rowdy lifestyle while growing up. Bob and Buzz’s brothers told Casey things he had never heard about Buzz’s childhood. We enjoyed Bob’s company and had an early lunch.


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