Kauai & California, 1993

Trip in the Sun with Betty and Casey


June 12-22, 1993


I. Flights from Memphis to Lihue , Hawaii

IV. Sacramento Visits With Nolan Family

II. Snorkeling at Kauai’s Lydgate State Park

V. Napa Valley Wineries

III. Poipeu Beach , Hanalei & Kiele Lagoons

VI. Flight To Memphis

(Updated July 21, 2008)

By Lewis Nolan


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Golf with Casey at Great  Wailua Municipal Course


Monday, June 14, 1993 – At Island of Kauai for golf and shopping (Buzz’s account)


I was up again quite early due to my jet lag but managed to get back to sleep until 6 a.m., when I finally arose. I had a turkey sandwich on sourdough bread for breakfast along with a Diet Coke. Betty and I poked around the resort and found its exotic pool with a waterfall to be a delight.


We drove into the nearby town of Lihue and found Hilo Hatties, an island chain of Hawaiian shirts and souvenirs that made us think it is the Wal-Mart of tropical clothing. Of course we bought a few shirts for ourselves and some gifts for friends and relatives. We stopped by the town’s Post Office to exchange some humidity-stricken postage stamps for a fresh variety then returned to the Aston Kauai Beach Villas. We found Casey up at last. We had lunch made in our unit’s compact kitchen and tried unsuccessfully to swim off the resort beach in front of our unit. It was impossible due to the shallow, beachfront bottom being covered with a thick layer of solid rock and coral, which was pounded by waves. 


A native advised us against swimming in the vicinity due to current that sweeps past the beach and sweeps the incautious out into the deep blue ocean.


We saw several silver-blue fish 18-to-24 inches long darting about in the shallows before we stumbled across the rocky shallows to the beach consisting of coarse sand. I think we were lucky not to have twisted our ankles on the rocky bottom.


Later, Casey and I drove to the Wailua Municipal Golf Course two or three miles down the beach from our resort. It is a great course although it was still a little ratty due to hurricane damage from the previous year. The clubhouse was closed for repairs so no beer or snacks were available.


But we got right on the course without what we presumed was the usual wait for a tourist attraction of such a quality layout. Casey and I played 18 challenging holes in 4 hours. Surprisingly given the quality and its presence in expensive Hawaii, we paid only $48 and had a cart to ride in – less than what it often costs in Memphis for a course of indifferent quality.


Many of the holes played along the beautiful ocean and beaches. The large, very fast greens were protected by gigantic bunkers of coarse sand. I managed to find my way into a lot of the bunkers. Unfortunately, I managed only 1 par during the round and took two, “rules 8’s” to end up with a score of 111 – quite high for me when I play by the rules. I believe it was my record high score of the year.


At least I played the ball “down,” without taking any “do-over” Mulligans. About the best thing I can say about the round, other than commenting about the beauty of the course, is that I did a good job of protecting my handicap with such a high score.


But Casey and I had a good time and I can only hope that today’s outing was merely a “tune-up round” for Wednesday, when we are scheduled to play one of the greatest courses in the world. It is the Jack Nicholas-designed Kauai Lagoons Kiele Course. That evening the three of us went out to dinner.


Monday, June 14, 1993 – At Island of Kauai for shopping and sunning by pool (Betty’s account)


Day Three: Monday proved to be another beautiful day in Kauai. The sun was hot, but felt good. After watching the birds off our lanai, Buzz and I took a short walk along our beach property up to the Outrigger Hotel, which is part of the same Aston Beach Properties development as our condo.


There are two larger pools at the hotel. They have grotto-type structures with waterfalls and a lush area of tropical plants in between them. The pools are only a short walk from our villa and are nearer to our condo than the walk to the small dipping pool in our complex.


We enjoyed the swans and ducks along the way on our walk back to our villa. The property garden area has ponds with many waterfowl and tropical plants.


Casey doesn’t seem to enjoy our getting up early. His hide-a-bed is adjacent to the kitchen and lanai. Neither Buzz nor I stay up until midnight or later so we are naturally up before him.


Buzz and I made a trip to Hilo Hattie’s factory store for authentic, Hawaiian-made attire. Buzz purchased a straw golfing hat with a wild, tropical band on the inside brim. He also got a Hawaiian shirt and gifts for his brothers, sister-in-law and neice back in Sacramento. We’ll probably make another trip to the Hilo Hattie’s store since Casey may want a wild Hawaiian necktie or hat.


Katie, our niece in Sacramento, I hope, will like her hula skirt with a bikini top, a shell lei and flowers for her hair that I purchased for her. I also got her a cute Hawaiian mu-mu dress. Since we have never met Katie in person, we hope she’ll associate special occasion gifts she receives in the mail with the faces that send them. Little girls always seem to enjoy getting pretty things, whereas boys just want macho stuff.


After Hilo Hattie’s, we stopped at a Safeway store for drinks and lunch supplies. After lunch we sunned and the men left to play golf.


I sunned outside our villa and decided to go to the pool to cool off, sun and read. It was a very relaxed afternoon and I received some color added to my skin. We went to Wailua to eat dinner and returned back to rent the videotape, “A Few Good Men” starring Tom Cruise.


All in all, it was a pleasant day. Tomorrow we’ll drive to the South Shore.


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